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Portland / October 2014

Friday (the flight & neighborhood); Saturday (market & Silverton); Sunday (brunch & home)


About two hours out of Chicago the land gets very
mysterious and alien. How did the pioneers brave such
daunting landscapes?
Portland from the air and the ground

Just right for the City of Roses, even in October!
What is there to beat the Farmers' Market at Portland State?
Not much in my view. I wanted to buy everything.



Smashing pumpkins, squash.
Wanted to try that one a 2nd time:
En route to Silverton

Silverton is full of murals
Donald R. Pettit, Silverton's astronaut (r.), was aboard the Space Station 6 months (a record)

At the Oregon Gardens outside of Silverton, & views of the Wright house moved there from its original site some 50 miles away

The gardens, a short walk away, are extensive and varied.
  They have conjured the illusion of Italy.
Outside Silverton, the Benedictine monastery, located by fine tradition atop a hill
Soccer in progress, casting a long shadow

Sunday labors and resting from them

Homeward bound