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Minneapolis / Chanhassen / Spring Park - June 2014
Dinner Saturday night, the only picture of all of us in one place.
--must have been serious!

Our visit with Carmen in Spring Park Saturday morning.

St. Hubertus Church in Chanhassen (1887; no longer active)
One of the oldest of many turn-of-the-century graves

The Mill District, home of the Guthrie Theater & The Mill Museum
The Guthrie is a lot of fun to visit, sticking out boldly into the nice spaces of sky and greenway.
The large metal panels and the photographs of playwrights do a lot to shift and split perspective.




The Mill Museum is wonderful, a marvelous combination of technology and art, not to mention
the magnificent view--and for all of this we had a perfect--really, the perfect--first day of summer, 21 June 2014.
The entrance and a view of the Guthrie from inside.
The views of the Flour Tower
Views from the observation deck.

The power source
There are two large rectangles on either side of the walkway in the center of the picture at the left. That's where there were 2 38-foot turbines turned by water from the falls. This was the power source (which could not be shut off) for the whole mill. Belts had to be changed while the machines were running. Dangerous, or what? Not to mention noisy.

From the top! Climbing the stairs seen below, both left and right, that's another job I'd skip.