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Stuttgart, Germany · October 2008

The famous "Stutte" (female horse) of Stuttgart

Along one of Stuttgart's oldest streets

The fountain along Altepost Strasse.

The modern art museum (Rechts, wie es eigentlich gewesen, so to speak.)

The war memorial at the train station, built during World War I--not quite a war memorial, really, since it claims to be an image of the Kaiser; an impressive image in an impressively modernist building.

On a long and winding road outside of town:
the Fernsehturm (Television Tower, built in 1960, the oldest in Germany).
The views, I have to say, were much better than my pictures make them out to be!

With Louise and Wolfgang--glad we made it down!


Very fine weather, and very fine views along the Nekar


Cleaning up boats at the end of the season

Near the University

In the town

The Rathaus dates from the fifteenth century.

Around the Holtzmarkt

Fifteenth-cenutry wood carvings in the Stiftskirche

Out in the country, blue skies and leaves just beginning to turn