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PARIS · May 2007


Tuesday, May 29 - Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pictures taken this trip also include World War I memorials in Parish parish churches at There are photographs of the military cemetery near La Dèfense below.



Church of the Madeliene

It wasn't built as a church, obviously, and Christ in Judgment seems concerned to keep the Apostles from falling off the edge, but in context (immediately below, seen from Place de la Concorde) the church makes a nice statement about church and state in France in the 19th century.

Looking to the Louvre and, later, to Les Invalides just about sunset on the Pont des Invalides

La Dèfense: Grande Arche de Triomphe

Riding up to (right) and at (below) the top

Looking down the to the Arche de Triomphe in the central distance; below, a view of steps leading to the observation platform atop the arch.

The Memorial Cemetery near La Dèfense

As along the Western Front, French graves are marked with a cross--a curious fact, given the proud separation of church and state in France--and English with a tombstone.

The Clignancourt Flea Market (I'd recommend Le Voltaire for lunch) & the rue Vintimille, where the apartment was, and where, as per the sign, Nadia Boulanger lived with her sister Lili (Place Lili Boulanger).