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PARIS · May 2007


Tuesday, May 29 - Saturday, June 2, 2007

Pictures taken this trip also include World War I memorials in Parish parish churches at There are photographs of the military cemetery near La Dèfense below.



Church of the Madeliene

It wasn't built as a church, obviously, and Christ in Judgment seems concerned to keep the Apostles from falling off the edge, but in context (immediately below, seen from Place de laConcorde) the church makes a nice statement about church and state in France in the 19thcentury.

Looking to the Louvre and, later, to Les Invalides just about sunset on the Pont des Invalides

La Dèfense: Grande Arche de Triomphe

Riding up to (right) and at (below) the top

Looking down the to the Arche de Triomphe in the central distance; below, aview of steps leading to the observation platform atop the arch.

The Memorial Cemetery near La Dèfense

As along the Western Front, French graves are marked with a cross--a curious fact, given theproud separation of church and state in France--and English with a tombstone.

The Clignancourt Flea Market (I'd recommend Le Voltaire for lunch) & the rue Vintimille, wherethe apartment was, and where, as per the sign, Nadia Boulanger lived with her sister Lili (PlaceLili Boulanger).