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Pictures from two visits to Iowa:
Waterloo · July 6-7, 2007

Maquoketa · December 8-9, 2007
Rose Frantzen's Portrait of Maquoketa

Waterloo · July 6-7, 2007

Wayne, Karen, Allen, Carmen, Tom, Mary Ann

Our hosts & Ellen at CUs

Wayne, George, Carmen, & Mary

Around Waterloo

The Russell (Rensalaer) House, built in 1861

The Snowden House, built around 1891

These are both fine houses, without being grand. These are from inside theRussell House:

The armchair in the servant's room had dogs heads for arm rests. Quite a lot ofthe family's clothes are around the house.

In the same modest spirit, in a sense, is Cedar Rock, the Walter residence by Frank Lloyd Wrightat Quasqueton. You get to the house courtesy of John Deere. En route


Only a couple dozen of these red tiles wereaffixed to Wright houses; they were reserved for the houses he supervised closely, right down tothe cooking pots. Above the second chair below, right in the middle of the back, the two windowpanes join with just barely a seam showing, the same fine style we saw at Fallingwater.

This is how I see myself in a Wright house.

Quasqueton has a splendid Civil War memorial and decorated the cemetery beautifully for July4

December 8-9:

One group of the 180 portraits that make up Rose's Portrait of Maquoketa

A little boy & his image

Their portraits, and ours: Tom, Eleanore, Mary, Allen, George


At Squires Manor:
Chuck and Rose, Mary, Eleanore,
George, Allen

photo at left by Tom Sisul

Eleanore, Ellen, George,
& Mary before breakfast

January 2, 2008