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West Point
April 2008

War memorials here.

A splendid gray place on a splendid gray day

Students fresh from discussing John Patrick's"Teahouse of the August Moon" (1953 play, based on a 1951 novel by Vern J. Sneider; filmed in 1956).

War memorials. I did not see memorials for World War I or World War II here, but West Point is full of memorials, many from the American Revolution or Civil War. This one is the best

These two standing for many thousands.

At this link you will find a list of memorials at West Point.

The Catholic Chapel (Chapel of the Most Holy Trinity)
(I've identified as many of the military saints in the impressive stained glass windows as I could.)
Two Unidentified Knights       St. George & St. Alban

The Knights of Malta & Knights of the Holy Sepulchre

St. Stephen & St. Barbara     St. Michael & St. Joan of Arc

  St. Martin and St. Camillus