Colorado & Utah:
Shiprock & Canyonland

Shiprock, Colorado

The first of many times I had the impression I was seeing a monumental
natural formation that evoked the architecture of the Middle Ages.

Headed northwest to Utah: the San Juan Mountains

Canyonland (Utah)


Along the drive into the park:
this looks like a face by Picasso

These layers reminded me of the walls at Chaco--especially the spot here left of
center, where the layers have collapsed.

And these formations, from a distance I was not able to get quite right
(but the first one, below, is pretty good), can look like human figures in procession.

Out of the wilds and in San Juan, Kenny has a Rose Frantzen moment; it's not his truck.
"God Bless Ame . . ." (Rose Frantzen, 2009)