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Bury, West Stow, & Yorvik
Recreations and small finds related to food

The central war memorial (right).

(Below): cow parsley overgrows the cemetery near the offices of the Suffolk County Archaeology Department

May 19, 2010

West Stow
A nice mix of recreated halls and huts in various styles
and an impressive museum with small finds from the area

Thatched straw

Radial-split logs for siding

A bucket in the museum & an a modern version of same
(the one on the right has metal bands and handle)

a long chain for holding a cauldron over a fire
(the cauldron is Iron Age, from the museum)

wooden cup and bowl

storage pot, bowl holding grain


grain stacked inside a hut, pots nearby.
In the museum: pots from graves.

Top, left: cinerary urn (1) and below it shield boss (2); right of the urn are fragments of bronze pan (4);
center, bottom row (below loom weight) is a saw blade fragment (6);
to the right are two cosmetic sets (nail cleaners, tweezers, etc., #9); a latch lifter;
and in the corner, girdle hanger (#10).

Bottom: knives; right: shield boss.