St. Johns, Newfoundland
July 2009

Between the overcast skies and the busy conference schedule,
I found very little time for poking around this picturesque town and taking pictures.
When I had time I did not have the light I needed; when the light was there, I wasn't.

The harbor 7/28

The War Memorial

Close to this commanding and
historic spot Sir Humphrey Gilbert
landed on this 5th day of August 1583
and in taking possession of this
new found land in the name of his
sovereign Queen Elizabeth thereby
founded Britain's overseas empire.

The war memorial seen from Water St.,
said to be the oldest street in North America.

Looking up from Duckworth St.

Looking up Duckworth St. to the Sheraton, waiting for the bus to campus.

The weather always is nicest when you are at the airport.