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Santa Fe, August 2008

The dam at Cochiti Lake, back and front

Tent Rocks National Monument: Kasha Katuwe

Hard rock formed around soft rock, and as the soft rock eroded the hardrock stayed in place, giving rise to these conical shapes. Behind the "tents" in the foreground youcan see lots of "proto-tents" that will emerge in centuries to come. Most of them are topped bywhat look like heads--the encased soft rock (see below).

Great striations sweep along the canyon.


En route to Madrid


At the opera--where no pictures are allowed inside the main gate, and there are only cars tophotograph (well, ok, the sunset too) outside it.

Sculpture around town

St. Francis seems to want this man's camera.

George takes a break by "Mom" (the sculpture sticking up at the right)

Pigeons at the Albuquerque airport--or rather, sunport, asthey say, waiting for takeoff.