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Pyramid Lake
  RENO · February 2009 ·
Carson City War Memorial

In and around the city

Allen, Al, Tom

At the Peppermill (casino)


Pyramid Lake

At the southern edge of the lake, 2 x 2

Carson City

This is a small place--said to be the smallest capitol city of any state in the U.S.--but I left with the strange feeling that I'd like to live there, the only time I had that feeling during this trip.
The war memorial is just below this line.


This memorial to Nevada veterans for all wars is located behind the statehouse.

The museum inside replicates the office of the war-time governor (hence the World War I posters behind him).

The town is full of handsome but small houses.

You never have to look far to see the surrounding hills.
And, in case the lawmaking loses interest, there is always 2009 casino stimulus humor.

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