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Spring Park, MN, December 2013
Northfield boxing pictures
In Sping Park, an early Christmas and cake for Bernie's birthday


Temperature about zero, not much wind, but not a day for messing around out there.

Albert Lea, Thursday, Dec. 12, about 4 p.m.
Splendid sunset at the truck stop. Worst food in Minnesota
at the Iron Skillet, but we could at least admire the view.

Dec. 11 / Gordon Marino coaching Allen in Northfield

Professors facing off.
This man knows so much about boxing it's like working out with an
encyclopedia, but a lot more fun. He gives you the taste of a punch,
then tell you who used it to knock out whom in what round in what year.

Gearing up (my new Invicto gloves).
(Note to self:
Back foot way out of position on the right,
but at least my elbows are in!)


Karen was happy not to have to pull me off the ropes.