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Little Rock
May 2012
The Capital Hotel


We'll stay there again. The large Peabody Hotel across the street has these ducks,
but they didn't do much for us.

The Old Statehouse, on the other hand, might be the nicest place in town.



An enormous auditorium neadby

And an apartment building, ugliest thing around--
or is it a tradition to put the air conditioner over the front door?

Something wrong with southern taste at this point.

The Art Museum

At the riverfront

At the Riverfront Market, vintage cars on display

"A Party for Peg," charming metal artwork outside the History Museum

What was wrong with us? We should have been dancing!


At Carl's 90th birthday party  


At the Jones Family plot in Heber Springs
Nearby the Art Deco gravestones of the Casey family.
And George revisiting a spring he knew as a child. We would not
recommend the water on the basis of taste, but we are sure it's healthy!

A view of Sugar Loaf Mountain from our hotel