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Lenox, Mass. · June 2008

Seen this trip:The The Birchwood Inn, Lenox
Around The Stone Hill Center at the Clark Museum
Arrowhead: Herman Melville's house in Lenox
The Mount: Edith Wharton's house in Lenox
Favorite chairs & sinks
On the porch of the Birchwood Inn, the oldest house in Lenox (1767).

The Stone Hill Center at the Clark Museum, Williamstown,

. . . is still under construction.

With Steve and Marian at Arrowhead, Melville's home 1850-63.

The barn where Melville and Hawthorne used to sit and talk in the1850s is still there and is now a museum.
The view to the north from Melville's 2nd-floor study, where hesequestered himself all day to write Moby Dick.

The flavor of Lenox on a sunny summer evening,

and Tanglewood.

Ozawa Hall
Before the performance:looking from our seats out the back to the lawn;
dancers warming up, on the right.

After the show

Edith Wharton's home, The Mount (she lived here from 1901-1911).

Jackets from the first editions of some of EW's books.

The central hallway on the 2nd floor; the desk in the library

Kaye, George, Allen, Wendy
Around the grounds

Favorite chairs this trip
At the B&B

At Stone Hill
At Tanglewood

Favorite sinks this trip

At Stone Hill
in the men's room
At the Mount
The scullery in the basement
And at the B&B
  in our room.