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Knoxville Spring of 2013
Also here: Marble Springs: The John Sevier Home, The Ramsey House: colonial history and East Tennessee




The First Baptist Church of Knoxville,
and windows at James Park's house . . .

. . . and at the Federal Courthouse

On the steps of
the Tennessee Court of Appeals

Marble Springs: The John Sevier Home

A beautiful Saturday morning; we had the place and the splendid guide, John Gammon, to ourselves.
Cats on the lookout for their breakfast, which was coming. In the tavern (above, to the left of the porch), great light, great furniture


The living quarters with kitchen attached (via a "dogtrot"
or breezeway) and (on the left) the tavern.

Outside the weaving shed.

The new VA Cemetery
Marble Springs: The Ramsey House