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Kansas City
· March 2012 ·
Click here for pictures of the World War I memorial and museum. Click here for pictures of the Kaufmann Center.

Around the hotel, the Muehlebach reflected, as seen from the President,
and the crosswalk to the Marriott.
The convention center looking exotic, then ordinary

The Nelson-Atkins Museum by day and by night.

We kept finding ourselves in the art.
On the right, that's me behind a statue on the TV set

Very unexpected to see a work change so clearly as you walked by it.
A ten-minute Bill Viola video you won't want to miss, "The Flood"

We were glad not to be caught up in that one.
A great building all around, with a courtyard surrounded by a Moore gallery.

Below: George does Henry Moore

Mummies (little ones, totems?)

Wonderful outside, too.


Not to mention at night



We found less to like at the Kemper, which is all contemporary.
It does, however, have a wonderful restaurant.

Union Station still has trains.


KC's biggest new attraction is the Kaufmann Center for the Performing Arts.



Those rafters or arches or whatever they are, show up on the inside--a view looking up from our seats.
Some striking buildings in the vicinity, including this ballroom.

On the way back, KC from the air, and home.