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The Old City Hall Gallery comes
to the Figge Museum at Davenport

Portrait of Maquoketa: The Dimensional View

This is what you see when look at the portrait of Maquoketa:

Rose's detailed landscape covers 34 panels, some 3 feet high, some over 10 feet,
arranged in 5 rows about 50" apart (so wheelchairs can pass through them)

When you sit in the chair at the front,
  --George, blocking one eye--
this is what you see:

. . . with people walking between the rows and panels, i.e., making their way through the town.

The panels line up perfectly in the chair, and almost perfectly here.

Then, when you go around to the other side, there are, on the back of each pane,
4 to 8 portraits from Rose's 2010 show at the National Portrait Gallery (there are 180 portraits).

It's a great building.
Ellen & Wayne, Rose & Chuck


The Blackhawk Hotel
  Wasn't much of a day for taking pictures outside.

November 2012