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Iowa: Birmingham reunion, July 2009
Cedar Falls & Lourdes

Honoring Eleanore Birmingham and Cy Haugen, shown here with a family treee birthday cake
This was also the sibling reunion of 2009 for Carmen, Karen, Mary; Allen, Tom, and Wayne
We met in Cedar Ralls on Saturday, 6/20
and attended Mass Sunday, 6/21, in Lourdes, with breakfast to follow in Elma

These are all the Birminghams who attended:
The picture on the right gives us a second look at some hidden faces.

The family members are listed with their birth-generation names (with the Birmingham parent's first name following) Front: Cy (Martin) and Eleanore Birmingham (Martin);
Second row: Liz McGinnis (Harriet), Tom Sisul (Mildred), Pat Sisul (Mildred), Karen Frantzen (Dorothy), Mary Ann Frantzen (Dorothy), Carmen Frantzen (Dorothy), Rose Chihak (Mary Ellen), Wayne Frantzen (Dorothy)
Third row: Joe Birmingham (Pat), Liz Haugen (Cy), Mike Birmingham (Pat), Diane Birmingham (Martin), Chuck McGinnis (Harriet), Allen Frantzen (Dorothy), Dan Haugeh (Cy), Al Wade** (Caroline Birmingham Wade), Tom Frantzen (Dorothy)
Note: ** Al Wade (d. 2017) was the first cousin of Cy and Eleanore. Al was the son of Caroline (Carrie) Birmingham, who was the daughter of John Birmingham (1864-19??), brother of Martin Birmingham (1869-1947), the father of all the Birmingham parents named above (Mildred, d. 1995; Dorothy, d. 1985; Martin, d. 1979; Mary Ellen, d. 2008; Pat, d. 1984; Harriet, d. 2005; and Cy.

Thanks to Karen for ordering the cake and making the arrangements!

Siblings in Lourdes 6/21/09

Tom 1952; Allen 1947; Karen 1944; Mary 1939; Wayne 1937; Carmen 1935