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Pictures on this page:Bellevue
Jolene's wedding
Around Alta Vista

At the wedding in Alta Vista

Tom, Allen, Wayne, behind Mary and Carmen

Mary, Karen, Carmen

Bellevue, Iowa

The barge, which came from St. Louis, turned out to be full of sand, not romantic butcertainly picturesque.

The barge enters the lock.

Looking upriver from the formerMountain View Inn,
and the view downriver from the Inn.

Just the spot, if you want afixer-upper.

Not really open 24 hours.

The War Memorial

"Day is done; gone the sun / from the lake, from the hill /
from the sky; all is well. / Safely rest; God is nigh."
A generous and well-planned memorial, beautifully sited. It remembers those who served as wellas the dead.
World War I
World War II
I did not see memorials for more recent wars.

Jolene's wedding at St. Joseph's, New Hampton

Jolene & TJ

Tom, Allen, Wayne, behind Mary and Carmen

Mary, Karen, Carmen

Jolene & TJ offered their guests rides in a carriage; this kid tagged along, proud of his bike.

Around Alta Vista

The corner of Highway 3 (Route 64 to Alta Vista) and our road, now Jasper Ave. When I livedthere, the Johnsons lived in the road to the south, left side; there was no house looking to thenorth. The Roths family lived on the top of the hill to the east and a Recker family to the west,towards town. Taken at 4 p.m. Saturday, August 2, 2008.

looking south towards our farm (Tom & Irene's farm)

south again

west to Reckers'


east to the Roths place

In Alta Vista, pictures from the intersection of Weber Street (E-W) and ? Street (N-S)

looking south

to the west

to the north, from the hall (not the intersection)

to the east.

What you notice, looking west, north, and east, is that the town is situated in the middle of threehills; why it was called "Alta Vista" (high view) was never clear to me, since the high views areoutside of town.

St. Bernard's Church

Weber's house, across from the church. Years after my last visit to the house,
I looked forthe swing on the porch (not there) and thought the TV (inside the door) was out of place.

The firehouse & lumber for rebuilding it

The Friendly Town still has its spirit.

The park at evening.

August 1-2, 2008