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Fallingwater & Kentuck Knob · May 2007


The most famous of Frank Lloyd Wright's many houses.

If you look closely at the top of the picture you can see where two panes of glass meet (a finevertical
white line) at right angles; these seamless right corners are among the wonders ofthe house.

Living room

The lid of this cast-iron kettle weighs 37 pounds; when the kettle
was swung over the fire thepaint burned off.

Behind the chair you can see how beautifully the glass and steel join the stone masonry.

In the bedrooms

From the falls side

A few miles away, Wright's KENTUCK KNOB, still somebody's house (he's an English lord
and real estatebaron), is a much more modest affair. Wright designed it but did not supervise construction.

These carved patterns are unique to the house, as are the patterns in the windows along the frontside of the house.

You aren't allowed to photograph much!

On the way, some images from Pennsylvania's poorest county