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Frantzen Reunion in Elma
Lourdes & Clinton along the way

Somebody did a wonderful job creating murals of a baseball game.

It's not every day you see a piece of pure Americana memorialized on the outside and thriving on the inside. Three cheers for whomever did this!

Around Lourdes & James Frantzen's place

(* The roosters are Tom's.)

The Birmingham homestead south of Lourdes

It's still called the "Birmingham Bridge," but this one was built around 1970.

The road in from Highway 63 and the site of the old well

Where the house stood and (below) what the view to the south might have looked like.

On Highway 63 and just north of the Birmingham Bridge stood Paris Township School #6. The white house below, with garage and bedroom added, was the building mother taught in. It was moved to Lourdes sometime in the early 1960s.

Driving into Clinton

A grain elevator outside of town