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Washington, D.c., July 2011

The Metro

Lafayette Park



At the National Portrait Gallery

Portrait of Sophie Hunter Colson, by William R. Leigh (1896); and "Round Hill Road," John Henry Twachtman (1890-1900)


A great section on "Champions," including a nice roster of great boxers

Jack Dempsey & Joe WIllard, by James Montgomery Flagg (1944)
The painting in Dempsey's NYC restaurant

Joe Louis Barrow, by Betsy Graves Reyneau (1946)

"Cat's Cradle," Cassius Clay, by Henry C. Casselli, JR. (1981)

Sunset on the Mall

At the World War II Memorial

This is not an impressive or effective memorial.
It's fussy, hard to read because there are
too many surfaces and levels.
The plinths are dedicated to states and territories (Iowa here).

But there is a good series of bronzes, although also
Many illiterate tourists. "What world war?"

A sample of the bronzes

Getting the news: war is declared


At the front

Home on leave, I think, a farmer's son in uniform?


August 2011