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Cleveland · March 2012

I did not do justice to it, but Cleveland seemed to me to present unlimited opportunities for photography
of the post-industrial age. Yes, it seems to be an urban wasteland in places, but what major city does not, Chicago included? There is great beauty just about everywhere you look--not conventional beauty, if Disney and Gehry set the standard, but much to look at and think about all the same.

Old and repurposed churches line many streets.

Factories and warehouses are worth a second look.

So often, no way to know what it was, or is

Steeples, old and new.



What is that big red X about? Seems strange.

Looking at the lake  
and driving along it

And along the lakefront, the rock music museum and the Brown's Stadium, all angles in one case, curves in the other


In The Flats, near the Aquarium.

Family friendly, but not what it could be, is the Aquariam, amazingly expensive.

On the road
& in the air

For the family album