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Augsburg & Surroundings
January 2010

Looking at the Shaetzler Palace on Maximillian Strasse, the fountain wrapped for winter.

Inside the St. Peter am Perlach, near the Rathaus and the Perlach Turm, build in the mid-eleventh century (c. 1060).
The north aisle (below left) and the Pantokrator (11th cent., above left)

Augsburg has a handsome new library

These openings in the roof, even on a dark day, are full of light.

Amazingly, in a week of clouds and cold, some sunshine to pick out the colors
in the Perlachturm and some buildings along Maximillian Str.

And Augsburg has a new textile museum . . .

on the site is a former weaving factory.

And right in the middle of the Altstadt is this memorable and relevant mural,which proclaims:
"Between handwork and automation it is, for the weaver, struggle and sorrow."
Whoever wrote that would now have to add "cheap labor in Asia" to the list.

Visited 1-14/15-2010