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Allen and George in Vienna, Feb. 24-26, 2001. These pictures were taken February 25, 2001.

We searched in vain for the Museum of Modern Art, which is closed until Sept. 15, 2001 (it's relocating); we thought it was in the Lichtenstein Palace, but we were disappointed. We walked from there to the Votivkirche, thence along a street to the Danube, where we saw the Theological Faculty of the Univesity of Vienna (great doorway, many shots below). We also saw a war memorial in front of the Kaserne (itself very medieval looking). The walk along the river front was not what we expected--all highway and tranway. So we turned back to the city center. We found a pizza place for lunch near the Anker clock (we were there right at noon--perfect timing for the whole cast of characters). I did a little emailing from a Net Cafe (where I now opened an account). Then we went to the new Jewish memorial, which is very impressive; after tea, we saw St. Stephen's, and then came back to the hotel.

The Kunst Academie, where we saw the Rubens exhibition.

The Secession Pavillion, where we saw Klimpt's Beethoven Frieze, a portion of which (the Knight) I illegally photographed.

The Karlskirche

Looking up to the VotivKirche.

The War Memorial

The Jewish memorial.

Pictures outside and inside St. Stephen's.

The Theological Faculty
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