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St. Petersburg, August 11-14, 2001

George and Malcolm Godden playing scrabble

George and Hans & Gabbi at St. Isaac's Cathedral

The statue of Peter the Great in the square

Looking across the Neva to the University and at a ship docked nearby

Rohini Jayatilaka and Malcolm Godden

A statue of ? the Great, one of the emblems of the city

G&A in the Field of Mars, the Church of the Resurrection in the background

One of the entrances to the Hermitage

On Monday, August 13, we went to Peterhof (cloudy, but nice)

A fountain disguised as a tree

Tuesday, August 14.
The memorial to the end of the seige of Leningrad, which lasted 900 days

The entrance to the fort of Sts. Peter and Paul

The tomb of Nicholas II and his family

The Hermitage from the fort

The spire atop the basilica where the czars are buried

The Church of Our Lady of Kazan and the sacrifice of Isaac--the last of the pictures I took on this trip!