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Prague, March 4-6, 2002

We saw most of the standard sights in the city, starting with the old square. Steven's apartment is just a few minutes by foot from this area, and his office just a few feet from it.

Wenceslaus Square (looking away from the statue) is another iconic location.

Steven and George in the square--

--and George again on the Charles Bridge, rubbing the dog everybody rubs for good luck.

Among the new sights we found that we liked the Frank Ghery building (which is called Ginger and Fred, supposedly because of its dancer-like composition). It sits a little oddly next to so many traditional, nineteenth-century buildings, but it is also arguably a good interpretation of an older style.

We found a good place to photograph the old Jewish cemetery--from the men's room of the Museum of Decorative Arts, it turned out.

Near the Powder Tower is the Municipal Hall, one of the most lavishly decorated and most beautiful buildings in Prague.

There is a lovely café inside.

A view of the city's castle (west) side,

and a couple of final pictures--Steven relaxing in his elegant apartment, catching a few z's beneath Rose Frantzen's painting,

and AJF near the Charles Bridge.