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Helsinki (below), Tallin, and St. Petersburg
August 7-14, 2001

The cathedral square ("Senate Square") in Helsinki; the Lutheran Cathedral and the massive steps leading from the square to the church. This is the center of Helsinki, not far from the university where the ISAS conference was held. The senate house is to the left of the cathedral, which looks out over the harbor.
The medieval church at Hatulla.

The little joke here is that there are public restrooms just over George's shoulder and to your left. I processed them out of the shot. (This is where George and I missed the bus; luckily the group saw us waving as they went down the highway and turned around to get us.)

The Tree of Jesse
The Greek Orthodox church in Helsinki.
George and Gabbi & Hans Sauer (Thursday, Aug. 9, 2001)
Leaving Helsinki harbor for the fortress at Suomenlinna
G. and Gabbi read the map
A cruise ship passing by the island