Bellagio, October 19-20, 2001

A couple pictures of us in the village and at Villa Balbianello (George, below),
right after a rainstorm on Oct. 21. Some pictures of other residents follow.
Our group at the Center began to change almost as soon as we arrived on 10/16. Seven residents left 10/21, including Wally and Elsie Clement, Graham and Jill Nuthall, Barbara Gillam, and Klaus Scherpe and Elizabeth Wagner. Here, at lunch, are Sheila Rothman, Graham, Sadia Hartman (English, UC Berkeley), and Jing Lyman (senior fellow).
Here, a lunch, are George, the Frech composer Pierre Thilloy, David Maxwell (an English historian), Richard Lyman (former president of Stanford and of the Rockefeller Foundation, a senior fellow at Bellagio, and David Rothman (public health).