Cadanabbia, Nov. 1, 2001

On the way to breakfast Nov. 1 I realized that I'd never seen everything looking so fresh. There was a wind off the lake, lots of whitecaps, and absolutely no mist or haze. I decided it was the day to go to San Martino above Cadanabbia. I left on the 8:45 ferry and started walking up the hill about 9. It took about 45 minutes of steady walking, and it was not easy. But the views were spectacular.

Looking from the Villa Serbelloni towards Cadanabbia.
St. Martino is to the left, a small white church.
The church is on the right-hand side.
I saw two donkeys enjoying the warm sun and was overwhelmed with homesickness for my kitty Masetto.
Just outside the church I heard a bell, but I was very focused on the path and my footing and didn't look up.
When I did I saw several goats looking intently at me. They walked toward me and I was a little nervous.
I said what I could think of in French to them and edged by them, keeping my back to the hillside.
Finally I jumped up on the hill and walked around them. I recall there being a lot of them, but the picture shows only 6 or 7.
This is the best view I had, the whole sweep of Bellagio on a perfect day.
The church, an afterthought. I was back in the room by about 11:30, very tired but pleased.
Little I did the whole time was as enjoyable as this morning trip, it turned out.
To finish, another panorama, Cadanabbia from the ferry, and the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni from the ferry.