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Berlin, March 2-8, 2002

Berlin is filled with impressive new architecture. We especially admired buildings around the Sony Center (first two pictures)

and the Embassies of Northern Lands (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway; next two pictures).

But some old buildings are pretty wonderful, too, e.g. this one in the Museum Insel (it's being refurbished; I don't know what it is)

and the National Cathedral

George posed with Steven and Hanna on our walk around Friedrichstrasse Saturday, March 2.

We visited the Norman Foster dome on the Reichstag, although we couldn't get inside to climb the spiral staircase.

I also have another good picture of George at the Sony Center (this was the day we came back from Prague).

There is a strange sort of tongue device, maybe a shade, inside the dome.

The last shot shows people lining up to get in, taken from the rooftop level, with my shoes reflected in the glass.