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Morrison and Clinton, just a bit of each August 7, 2021
(and a note on tourism).

An arts mural on one of many fine old buildings

Two churches, looking a bit forgotten

Driving through Clinton, I wondered what this large white building, with 3 garage doors, was for.

Some other fine but forgotten store fronts

A noble library

I've got interior shots of the library from a 2019 visit to Clinton here.

A note
It is often said that European countries
lost touch with the magnificence of their past. That is the thesis of Henry James's wonderful book on Italy called Italian Hours (above), which talks about cities and towns and how they seem to regard their ancient monuments. James complains that the Italians of his day (1909) had very little interest in their ancient heritage, except to see it as a vehicle for bringing tourists (whom the natives often despised).

Driving through small towns between Wilmette and eastern Iowa (Morrison, Dixon, Fulton, Clinton, Maquoketa) I sometimes think that we too have lost touch with our much more recent heritage. I see dozens of carefully designed buildings empty or falling to pieces. Here and there, a sign of life--the mural above, for example; Dubuque is full of them. Nobody wants these old buildings any longer, it seems. It's great that Wayne and Ellen and Rose and Chuck have saved a couple of them in Maquoketa!