Italian Memorials near Lake Como

Photographed October-November 2001

San Martino (two)


Heroic in the extreme: three nude men, two in helmets, and another seeming to be freed from captivity


San Martino

A village you pass going up the mountain from Cadenabbia, opposite Bellagio (named Gian-?). The memorial poses two shells on either side of a crucifix and a tablet of names (1915-1918).

Along the same route is this grotto-like Air Force memorial, an enclosed shine with some military shields inside, a saint, and an altar.

The exterior, with a mililtary shield above the door. Onside, the dead of World War II are listed on the left, of World War I on the right.


City of Como

This memorial is an enormous concrete structure, impersonal and monumental, and it makes the grandiose memorial at Cernobio (top) seem intimate in comparison.

(Seen Nov. 13, 2001, with Al Sousa))