Memorials to the Dead, the Missing,
and the Survivors of World War I
Memorials seen outside of Bavaria

Users should be aware of the Onlineprojekt Gefallenendenkmäler, an immense resource that provides transcriptions of hundreds of war memorials naming German and Austrian soldiers.
*Asperg (Baden-Württemberg)
*Tiefurt (Sachsen Anhalt)


A memorial to men of the Asperg sports club (Turnverein), dedicated to "our brothers in sport who fell in the World War." A classical image,
a female figure in mourning, next to a lion, with helmet and sword at her feet (description subject to revision).


At the station, which was built during World War I, 1914-1917, apparently representing Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Tiefurt (Sachsen Anhalt)
A memorial showing why simple is always good. There is no representational art, only the Iron Cross, the dates, and the names.

Also seen here, courtesy of Onlineprojekt Gefallenendenkmäler, with the names of those remembered.