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April 24, 2014 - Last Class, concluding Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Also here, clearing out the office, below, and
pictures from December 2013 retirement party.

Spring 2014 was my last semester of teaching.
We celebrated my retirement at the department party in December 2013, which featured a funny skit by Terry Boyle (posted on my timeline on Facebook).
A few friends joined George and me for my last class, on Chaucer, April 2014.
Once retired (1 July 2014) I will have cleared out of Crown Center 425 but will keep the same email address.

Perfect gift:
boxing glove
cuff links

For the last time, where the hell are those notes?
    Both new books came out in April
Food, Eating, and Identity
Teaching Beowulf in the 21st Century
James, Maria, Aaron. / Aaron, Ian, Lauren. All of it went by pretty much in a blur!
Above: Kenny, Tom, James, Eric. Right, Jerry, Joyce
Jacob, Kenny; Tom, James; Eric, Harrison, Clare
Lunch at Bravo in Evanston
Eric, James, George, Jackie, Steve; James, Steve, waiter, Eric

James again! me, George, Steve, Eric

Winding up at the office
April 17 . . .
Flowers from Eleanore
. . . and moving out May 17

Out with the old, and out, and out . . .
Locking up, final check for mail
Loyola pictures courtesy Eric Gaddis

December 6, 2013
Retirement Party · Crown Center, Lake Shore Campus

Terry Boyle's skit featured Allen squaring off against Academia (Ryan Motzel, left; Alex Carl,
right), set up by actors (below) who ran in to make a flower delivery.

Comments by Barbara Rosenwein