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Big projects at the end of Summer 2014 include the new walkway, George's book of his parents' courtship letters, and, below, the makeover of my office.

First order of the retired day, redoing the home office.
For the first time in 42 years (that is, going back to starting graduate school at the University of Virginia in 1972) I did not need books. A whole summer and no writing to do--not in four decades had that happened to me. Two Men and a Truck showed up May 13 and boxed up everything we had prepared for them. They carted away the lot to Public Storage, where the 80+ boxes of books and files sat for about three months.

My books

Everything used to just about fit but it was a squeeze.
Packing up began the minimalist phase. I kept just the things I couldn't get by without.
Workers started in late May, painting first, and then the new carpet.

  We also did the landing and the back stairs.

And then the must-have things came back. The whole summer felt like one long move.
Next event: return of the boxes--one man and his books.
On August 9 the furniture from 57th Street Bookcases showed up.

Finally it all comes together, including the desk and file cabinets and the lamp
made for me by Don Uteg at The Lampshader (Glenview), featuring vintage Everlast boxing gloves.
On the lamp base I've put the Menoil lead soldier (from about 1930) in his World War I uniform
and boxing gloves (thanks to Eric Gaddis for this marvelous retirement gift).
The lamp base is made of two pieces of bullseye woodwork removed
from a doorway in my apartment long before we moved here in 1985.
They are pine and show age and much use. It is very likely that they are
original with the house and so from about 1885, 100 years before our time.
The chair is George's and was in the attic for year. The seat is made from 5 pieces of wood.
I had Sean Smith refinish it, an old red oak banker's chair from Kilian Manufacturing, Syracuse, NY.
Kilian Manufacturing is still in business @ Sean's information on request.