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Happy boxers! Mask-free June 8, 2021!

"He's the toughest machine
I ever built."
--Coach Izzy Gonzalez IzzyDuzItFitness at Extreme Kung Fu Chicago



Below, featured boxing book review:
  Patrick O'Brian, The Truelove
      (June 2021)

Patrick O'Brian, The Truelove

Patrick O'Brian (1914-2000) is the author of the celebrated series of naval adventures known as the "Aubrey-Maturin" novels, named after the two main characters, Captain Jack Aubrey and his ship surgeon, Stephen Maturin. Twenty volumes in all, the books are about shipboard life in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars (1803-1815). These are by no means books about boxing, but the sport gets good coverage in several, including The Yellow Admiral, the eighteenth book in the series; Blue at the Mizzen, the last volume O’Brian completed; The Far Side of the World; and, in an unusual way, in The Truelove. The Truelove is set in the Sandwich Islands, where Aubrey has been sent to undercut a plot aiming to give the French control over the territory.

The Truelove was published in the UK under the title Clarissa Oakes, tipping the hat to the name of a stow-away on board who marries a member of the crew and who causes captain and crew alike some unexpected grief. Continue here

June 2021