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Below, featured book review:
  Sam Sheridan, The Fighter's Mind:
  Inside the Mental Game

      (November 2021)

Sam Sheridan, The Fighter's Mind

Sam Sheridan is a great sports writer and an experienced fighter. His first book, A Fighter's Heart: One Man's Journey through the World of Fighting, appeared in 2008 to enthusiastic reviews. Son of a Navy SEAL, Sheridan took instinctively to the world of combat. That is the journey the first book describes.

The Fighter's Mind is an exciting, engaging, and above all, a useful book. It takes a look at MMA and boxing through the eyes of 20 established fighters, including several famous coaches. MMA, not boxing, is the heart of the book. Sheridan does not keep these two forms of contest entirely separate. For example, one of his MAA chapters includes discussions of Floyd Patterson and other boxers (e.g., Foreman and Moorer, pp. 92-94; Tyson, p. 121). Only one boxing coach, Freddy Roach, is interviewed. Most chapters focus on MMA coaches and fighters.

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November 2021